4 Powerful Ways To Build Unstoppable Confidence

“The only power that exists is inside ourselves.”

– Anne Rice

My friend, Lisa, suffered a serious blow to her confidence not too long ago.

She’s a mother of four, and her world got turned upside down after her now ex-husband cheated on her (with someone half her age, no less).

“I always thought of myself as someone who was poised and cool as a cucumber,” she says, “but after what happened, it crushed every confident bone in my body.”

Lisa added, “It really messed with my head for the longest time. I felt ugly on the outside AND the inside… and the feeling ran DEEP.”

“It wasn’t just about my looks, but also in terms of personality… and pretty much my overall worth as a human being.”

So, not only did Lisa have to deal with the sting of betrayal…

…but her self-esteem also took a deep nosedive.

But the good news is that after spending about a year and a half putting the pieces of her life back together, Lisa got her groove back.

“It wasn’t an easy road for sure, but I’m actually grateful I went through all of that,” she says.

Lisa realized that she had to rediscover her strengths and, more importantly, rebuild her self-confidence from the inside-out.

Today, she’s dating Matt, a fellow single parent that Lisa’s friends set her up with. She couldn’t be happier, and her kids absolutely adore Matt.


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The Benefits of Being Confident

While not everyone has gone through what Lisa did, we’ve all had experiences that have done a number on our self-confidence.

But the great thing about it is that we can all start building the foundations of rock-solid confidence at ANY age.

And it opens up a world of benefits, such as…

  • Knowing how to stand up for yourself: a confident person dares to put their foot down when they realize they’re being mistreated.
  • Having the courage to take action: confidence also translates into the natural ability to get the ball rolling. While other folks are busy hemming and hawing, the confident ones make stuff happen.
  • Confidence = self-belief: another hallmark of being confident is knowing your potential… and doing everything you can to realize it.
  • Grace under pressure: Nothing says “sexy” more than keeping your cool in the face of adversity. When you’re up against formidable odds and still crushing it, that’s a sure-fire sign of authentic confidence.
  • Being insanely attractive: As Kirsten Dunst put it, “The real secret to total gorgeousness is to believe in yourself, have self-confidence and try to be secure in your decisions and thoughts.”

Now that we’ve covered the awesome perks of self-confidence, let’s get into HOW to cultivate this quality:

#1: Get Out Of Your Head

Getting stuck in the inner world of your thoughts is an insidious habit – and it’s the quickest way to tank your confidence.

And when you let that inner critic run rampant inside your head…

…it’s going to act like it OWNS the place.

So you have to take back your inner world by watching the quality of your thoughts.

You know what I’m talking about – it’s those little lies that your inner critic feeds you. And they usually fall under these main categories:

“I’m not good enough.”
“I’m such a bad person.”

These types of thoughts often surface when you mess up in some way – and you end up judging yourself harshly for it.

Furthermore, these ugly thoughts also come tumbling out when something terrible happens (like in Lisa’s case, for instance).

And what most women don’t realize is these two kinds of thoughts go hand in hand.

Once those feelings of inadequacy kick in (i.e., “I’m not good enough”) …

…then those “I’m a bad person” thoughts come in to finish the job.

The reason is that a lot of women have a moral attachment to their mistakes.

In their eyes, failing at some aspect of their lives (e.g., a work blunder or a failed relationship) means failing as a human being.

In other words, an underlying sense of SHAME keeps women trapped in a self-defeating mindset.

So the first step to breaking free from this mental trap is by harnessing the power of self-awareness – and, more importantly, acceptance.

And that brings us to our next point…

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#2: Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Now, that we’ve gotten to the root of a confidence-destroying mindset, its time to face those uncomfortable (and downright ugly) feelings head-on.

To do that, you need to ask yourself, “Where are these negative thoughts and emotions coming from?”

Spend some time to quietly reflect on these feelings. Then, write them down on a notebook.

Putting it down on paper makes those feelings less fuzzy and vague. Furthermore, it allows you to trace those feelings back to whatever caused them.

Again, this has to do with external circumstances and negative experiences – so this is where you should start digging.

(Now, there’s another process of “emotional digging” that I discovered which works WONDERS – and we’ll get to that soon…)

Once you’ve pinpointed the exact source of those dark emotions, you can start ACCEPTING them for what they are.

So this is about being aware of those feelings, observing them, and ultimately, making peace with them.

And the fantastic thing about this breakthrough is that it removes self-judgment from the equation.

Rumi, a prolific poet from the 13th century, described these negative thoughts as “temporary guests.”

And more importantly, he tells us to accept these “guests” with honor and gratitude.

This is the key to lifting yourself – and your sense of confidence – from the depths of self-loathing and shame.


#3: Build The Other Crucial Pillars of Self-Confidence

Ok, so aside from embracing those negative thoughts, you also need to upgrade the other areas of your personal growth.

After all, the more well-rounded you are, the easier it is to crush that inner voice of self-doubt.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Keep all electronics out of your bedroom: You probably know that the blue light from your phone or laptop screen isn’t doing your sleep routine any favors. But this is also about looking at a screen first thing in the morning to check your email or social media account.                                So this boils down to not allowing these external distractions to hijack your mind – and your ability to get things done during the day.
  • Be an agenda-setter: This is directly related to the point above. Sidestepping digital distractions allows you to set your intentions early in the day. When you set your most important goals for the day right out the gate (instead of diving right into your inbox or newsfeed), it gives you REAL power to make things happen.  Experts call this phenomenon the “Confidence Competency Loop”: the better you get at doing something (i.e., getting stuff done),  the more confident you become. And the more confident you get, the easier it is to get better at it. Lather, rinse, repeat.  So, when you remove the obstacles to taking action, you’ll get on the fast track to higher self-confidence.
  • Attend to your other needs: I’m talking about socially, intellectually, and health-wise.  Aligning yourself with people who share the same goals and values is a great confidence builder. In fact, renowned psychologist Abraham Maslo says that being part of social groups is a fundamental human need.  And it’s always a good idea to make time for learning new stuff, no matter what your interests are.  Your local library and the world wide web are a treasure trove of resources. Use them to upgrade your knowledge and skills – which, as you know, are building blocks of confidence.

Finally, regular cardiovascular activity boosts your endorphin levels AND improves self-image. And you’re also boosting your confidence levels just by knowing that you’re taking care of yourself.

#4: Train Your Brain

This, in my humble opinion, is the BIGGEST one.

By now, you’ve probably gathered that confidence is really about looking within.

And the best source of confidence comes from none other than your inner world. That’s why earlier, we covered the importance of “emotional digging.”

This gets to the root of a lot of things we take for granted – and that includes the inner depths of your subconscious mind.

You see, THIS is where those negative emotions and thoughts come from.

And while you need to embrace this part of yourself…

…it’s ALSO important to fill your subconscious mind with the right BELIEFS.

These beliefs don’t just shape the world you live in – but also define your reality.

So, when you plant the seeds of confidence deep in your brain…

…it gives rise to an honest-to-goodness, dyed-in-the-wool kind of confidence.

That means you won’t get easily rattled by criticism, negative circumstances, or toxic people.

Did Susan from accounting get that promotion, and you didn’t? No problem.

Did your friend drop down a couple of sizes…

…and meanwhile, you’re struggling to find the motivation to hit the gym and eat better?

Doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter is that you’re taking action and focused on your own growth – all without looking over your shoulder and comparing yourself to others.

THAT’S confidence – and everyone will see that.

And training your mind to withstand these external forces is easier than it seems.

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The Key To Unstoppable Confidence

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How To Make Every Day Your Perfect Day By Raising Your Vibration

Brainwave entrainment

It is one thing that a few people swear it works, a few people think it’s B.S. and most, do not understand.

If you’re amongst those that have heard about this before but don’t know what it is or how it works, I don’t blame you. Google this and you’ll get a complicated scientific explanation.

You’ll learn about frequencies and brainwaves and how the brain works and many other things that make your head spin. I’m surprised that you aren’t required to have a PhD to learn about brainwave entrainment, because honestly, it feels that complicated sometimes and I’m one person who knows how to do this right.

So instead of giving you another complex definition of this, with theta and gamma states, I’ll ask you a basic question.

Have you ever had moments in your life when you felt like you “attracted” good luck?

You know what I’m talking about? You walk down the street and you feel people love you. They smile at you, nod at you and you feel connected to those around you.

You go to work and your boss is actually agreeable and amazing to work with. If only he’d be like this each day, you’d love your job. You meet with your friends and they’re so kind and friendly and you feel so supported.

Or maybe you even attract some amazing things in your life. You end up meeting an amazing person who becomes your significant other. Or some large sum of money comes from nowhere and you have no idea how this happened.

Did this ever happened to you?

Chances are that it did.

It happened to all of us. We all have rare moments when everything seems to just work fine. In those moments, the universe falls into order and you get exactly what you want.

After so many good things happened to you, you end up scratching your head and you ask yourself two questions…

“How the hell all of this happened after everything in my life was a frustrating mess for so long?”


“How can I make this happen again?”

The answer to both questions is simple. You were operating on a higher vibration level. You were in sync with the world around you and because of this; you were attracting all that’s good and joyful.

It’s nothing random. Maybe you, as a person, you looked and acted exactly the same. But your energy, the rate at which the particles your body vibrated were very different. They were at an optimal rate and because of this, instead of encountering frustration and pain and loss as we usually do, you attracted love and wealth and success.

It’s as simple as that.

Call it however you want, but when you’re on a low frequency, you are disconnected by those around you. You are disconnected to your world. You’re like a piece of an engine that is not fit anymore. It causes friction. It hurts more than it helps.

When you’re on a high vibration, high frequency, you’re like a well tuned, well-maintained engine and everything comes to you effortless. Life works. And yes, maybe modern science can’t explain this but it’s true because we are all experiencing it.

Everyone from average people to CEOs experienced periods in their life where everything fell in place where they attracted everything they ever wanted. And just like you, they’ve asked themselves how the heck all of this happened and what they could do for this to happen again.

So where does brainwave entrainment comes into play?

It’s a tool.

It’s a tool we’re so lucky to know about because it allows your brain to adapt and operate on that higher vibration level. Brainwave syncing are for the human brain what a Formula 1 pit crew is for a high performance car.

It takes even the worse out of sync brain, the one that’s operating on a very low frequency and constantly attracts pain and suffering and makes it work. It brings focus and energy and passion and increases the vibration of the user to the level where his life changes completely.

It’s so effective that some people call it “smart drugs for the brains” or “the best self-development tool that was ever created”. And I believe they’re right. I have noticed better results by using brainwave entrainment than anything else. Better than reading, better than journaling, better than meditation, even better than paying high priced energy healers.

This is how brainwave entrainment helps you.

Behind all those fancy terms, behind all those scientific explanations that almost nobody understands, brainwave entrainment work because it raises your vibrations. They help your brain work better. They put you in sync with the universe. And they help you act at your best, attracting the right people and circumstances in your life.

I mean, just imagine how your life would be if every day you’d be at your best. If every day you’d have that rare energy and focus and passion that attracts the right people and circumstances in your life. If each day, instead of pain and problems and obstacles, you’d be showered with good fortune.

Imagine how you’d feel if you could manifest your most precious goal in the next 24 hours. You could attract the person you love or attract money in your life or maybe get that opportunity to advance at work.

And now, picture a life where this happens each day, day in and day out, where good fortune is not some rare event that happens twice a year but a daily occurrence.

Do you want to do this?

Then I have exactly what you need.

I have created an unique program designed to bring your brain to the higher frequencies we’ve discussed. It’s plug and play. You need not do any homework with this. You need not research what different frequencies do or how to use them properly.

You just play them at night or when you’re resting and it will slowly adapt and tweak your brain for the higher vibrations you want. It’s like vitamin C. You listen to it and things get better but while vitamin C will prevent you from getting colds and will improve your immune system, what I have for you will help you manifest money, love, power or anything else that’s of importance to you.

So here’s the deal.

I call this program “Manifestation Magic”.

It’s the only program, as far as I know, that is especially designed to help you manifest what you desire in your life. Most brainwave entrainment programs are designed to just help you focus better or maybe to have more mental power.

This is admirable but I don’t want you to do math faster in your head. I don’t want you to be more productive. This is good but it will still take you years to get what you want.

I want you to manifest the life you desire.

I want you to attract, today, the love, the success, the wealth, the prosperity that’s rightfully yours.

You don’t have to read anything.

You don’t have to study.

You don’t have to actively participate in this.

You need to use it and to let the power of brainwave syncing tweak your brain and bring it on a higher level of vibration. You download it, put it on your phone and tonight, before you go to sleep, play it.

You need not do anything special.

Put your headsets on, listen and let it change it. Then soon you’ll see how things are different in your life. How people are more receptive. How opportunities you’ve never thought about show from nowhere. How everything feels right and you know this is “your day”.

And with the help of “Manifestation Magic”, every day will be your day.

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Bring Optimism into Your Everyday Life

How important is it really to be a diehard optimist? Isn't it true that you can't be positive about everything and that sometimes you have to just face reality?

This is a very interesting question because it actually gives a hint as to the importance of being an optimistic thinker instead of a pessimistic thinker.

The Question: Who Is More Realistic?

You might have heard the saying: "We don't see the world as it really is, we see it as we are."

In other words, whenever you are describing your view of the world, whether you're being optimistic or pessimistic, you're not describing the world as it really is--you're describing the world as you see it.

STOP NEGATIVE THINKING - It’s Time to End Negative Thought Habits, Master Your Thoughts and Have Lasting Peace of Mind!

So who is more realistic, the optimist or the pessimist? The answer is that both of them are creating their view of reality according to the way that they think.

This view of reality is influencing their beliefs, their actions and the results in their life.

The question isn't whether or not the optimist or the pessimist is more realistic, the question is what kind of a life do you want to live?

If you take on an optimistic view of the world and are always looking for possibilities to learn, grow and achieve what you want, that view of the world will shape your beliefs and your actions.

Naturally, this will lead to actions that will help you to make the most of every opportunity to learn, grow and achieve.

Of course, you could also take on the pessimistic point of view and see failures and negative circumstances as things to run from instead of as things to learn from and grow through.

You can see the pessimistic side and see nothing but hindrances instead of possibilities. It's all in how you process it.

If you're convinced of why it's so important to become a diehard optimist, let's look at some solid strategies for developing a persistently optimistic mindset. Here are the 3 Steps to Diehard Optimism:

Step#1. Look for Chances to Learn

Opportunities to learn are everywhere if you know where to look for them. For example, every failure presents an opportunity to learn and so does every negative circumstance which comes into your life.

Learning from these circumstances will keep you from repeating the same mistakes over and over and will help you to achieve the second principle of becoming a diehard optimist.

Step#2. Look for Chances to Grow

Growth is not an option in life, it's a certainty. The only question is whether or not you're growing into someone with a strong character or someone whose life is governed by fear and uncertainty.

The world around you is constantly moving forward, and you must continue to grow and adapt with it.

If you look at everything as an opportunity to learn, you can take what you learn and put it into practice in order to make yourself a better person.

The other option is to learn nothing or to take a pessimistic view and allow yourself to grow into someone who is fearful and timid.

The motivational speaker Les Brown once said that who you become in life is more important than what you do or what you achieve.

This speaks of the importance of growth and development of character, which is only possible if you treat everything as a learning experience and opportunity for growth.

Step#3. Look for Chances to Achieve

In addition to learning and growing, achievement is one of the most rewarding things which you can experience in life.

As long as you are focused on treating things as opportunities to learn and grow, achievement will always
come as a natural result. As this happens, your learning and growth will continue and you will achieve much and inspire others.

Here's a tip: Write these three steps to diehard optimism down on a notecard and carry them with you everywhere you go. Make them a consistent practice in your life until being optimistic becomes an unstoppable subconscious habit.

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15 Possible Reasons Why You Are Not At Peace With Yourself

If you’re not at peace with yourself, the world around you will never be a happy place to live.

So why not shake up your thought pattern, and make improvements in your life that will transform how you look, feel and think?

Here are 15 reasons why you aren’t feeling inner peace, and what you can do about them.

1. You Eat Junk Food

Studies have shown that processed foods don’t make you feel better in the long run, as they are full of sugar and carbs—leading you to have a sugar crash and deflate emotionally.

Focus on nutrient-rich foods that will enhance your energy level—berries, nuts, lean proteins, water throughout your day, and complex carbs.

Do you binge eat? If this is something you want to change - Check out this guided meditation

2. You Focus on Mistakes from the Past

You’re not living your life in the present, because you’re too worried about what happened in the past.

If big mistakes were your fault, let go and accept what happened. Decide what you’ll do differently in the future.

If someone hurt you, accept it and move on—no pain is worth holding on to, as it will only affect your happiness, not theirs.

3. You Fear Things Will Never Change

Nothing lasts forever—from stress at your job to feelings and situations.

Focus on the timeline—if it’s hard now, realize and remember that it will not always be this way. This moment will pass, just like every other moment!

4. You Don’t Have a Self-care Routine

Taking care of others should happen only after you take care of yourself.

Focus on the morning—what can you do to nurture yourself?

Fueling up on water, sitting in silence and meditating, eating a wholesome breakfast, and spending some time setting goals and reflecting are all great ways to take care of yourself!

5. You Care Too Much About What Others Think

What others think and do has nothing to do with you.

Focus on your path and no one else’s in order to maximize your own happiness. Do what you love, and nothing anyone can say will bother you.

6. You’re Living in Your Comfort Zone

Do something that scares you (just a little bit!) every single day!

Try hiking outdoors if you’re used to running, or try exploring different career options—ones that excite you.

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7. You’re Overwhelmed by Your Workload

All work and no play? This one is a major cause for depression, stress and feeling overwhelmed in general.

Peace is about feeling comfortable and happy in your own skin—focus on a reasonable work schedule, leaving you with at least one full day off a week, if not two.

8. You Don’t Get Outdoors and Exercise

Boost your inner peace with kayaking, sailing, jogging, walking, rock climbing—anything that will get you out of the house and into nature.

Focus on the smells, sights, and sounds of nature, and immediately have your energy and restored and life’s zest returned.

9. You Watch Too Much Reality-TV

Reality TV is mostly negative—cat-calling, gossip, and bad language. This doesn’t just bring a negative way of thinking into your life; it can influence you to act in similar ways.

Turn off the TV at least two hours before going to bed, and limit your TV watching to 2 hours a day—max.

Replace that TV-watching time with reading, getting outdoors, going out to eat, etc.

Do you binge-watch? If this is something you want to change - this guided meditation might help

10. You Seek Perfection in Yourself and Others

Seeking perfection is setting yourself up for failure—it limits your ability to enjoy the moment at hand, and takes away from what could be, such as opportunities for what a relationship has the potential to become.

Focus on the good in people, places and things. Let whatever happens, happen.

11. You Haven’t Been Able to Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is possible—anyone can be forgiven, as long as you forgive yourself first.

Focus on the ability you have to control the small things by taking good care of yourself every day and enjoying friends and family.

Set goals for the things you can’t quite control. Allow yourself time to grieve, then give gratitude for what you can control and let time do the rest.

12. You Seek Love, But Can’t “Find It”

When you want to be in love but are single, it can be frustrating—but all it takes is one moment to change it all around!

While you’re waiting for love, take control! Give yourself loving thoughts, and you’ll begin to attract love to your life.

13. You Take Things Personally

Nothing is personal, unless it comes from you.

For example, getting rejected by a publisher isn’t about you—it’s about them. Getting dumped by a lover is about them and even getting blamed by your boss is about them—it is about their expectations, needs, etc. …

Focus on what is personal—do whatever you need to do to make yourself content with who you are, and forget about the rest.

14. You Compulsively Blame Yourself

Blaming yourself has to do with dissatisfaction in yourself—so why do it?

Focus on the things you can control, such as your health and whether or not you meet deadlines at work, and focus on what you can realistically accomplish. Let the rest go.

15. You Don’t Take Action over What You Can Control

What things can you take action on that you haven’t?

Letting the world pass you by because you’re stuck not doing a thing? Take action, one small goal at a time.

Focus on taking one step (washing the dishes, taking out the trash, etc.) and then begin to aim for larger goals.

Inner peace is essential for a happy, fulfilled life.

Whether you want to become more settled in your own skin, feel better about your accomplishments or avoid the blame game inside your own head, these 15 tips will surely get you there.

Practice them regularly, and commit to thinking positive, self-affirming thoughts.

And by the way, don't forget to check this out...

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How Late Is Too Late?

Are you feeling that it might be too late to become who you want to be and to do what you want to do with your life?

Maybe you put off some things until the elusive "someday" in the future and that someday never came, or maybe you had too many things that you were interested in.

No matter what the cause, if you're feeling that it's too late to have what you really want, this article might be one of the most important messages you'll ever read ...

Age and Opportunity: Are the Two Linked?

Is there really such a thing as an age where opportunity moves on and you no longer have the option of doing what you want to do with your life? Yes, and that age is the age that you die at.

Until then, you'll always have opportunities to turn your life around, to have the financial success that you want, the relationships that you want, the career that you want (within reason of course, you might not become an Olympic gymnast at 72) and to leave your mark on the Earth.

Sure, these opportunities may not come in the same packages that they did when you were younger, but as long as you know exactly what you want, you'll be able to seek out opportunities to have it.

Then it's just a matter of taking action, whether you believe that it's "too late" or not.

Does this raise some doubts in your mind? If so, here are some things to consider:

Age Has Its Advantages

Many people never achieve their full potential until later in life because of the disadvantages of youth.

The most common of these disadvantages is intemperance, which is something that almost always steals opportunities away from young people.

For example, intemperance when it comes to spending money keeps many younger people from having the capital to start their own business.

It's not until they mature that they build the self-control to manage their money and create greater opportunities for themselves.

It’s Time To RISE ABOVE Life’s Challenges… And Radiate Resilience, Strength & Happiness!

There are many other examples of this, but the bottom line is that the maturity which you gain later in life can be a valuable asset when it comes to getting focused on what you want and using your resources wisely.

Another advantage of age is that you have time against you. Yes, this IS an advantage when you put it into perspective. Time is a lot easier to waste when you have an abundance of it ... as you do when you're young.

When you get older and begin to realize that life isn't quite as long as you thought it was, you build a greater sense of urgency and motivation grasps you and pushes you to get to work.

Finally, age does carry another advantage: the commonly held belief that the older you are, the wiser you are.

While this isn't always true, it does work in your favor when you consider that many young people are denied chances (by employers or potential customers) because of their age.

So while age might be considered a disadvantage, the reality is that your perception makes an enormous difference when it comes to the number of opportunities available to you.

So Where Do You Start?

The most important thing that you can do when it comes to getting a late start is to take your eyes off the past and to get to work right now--even if you're not ready to do so.

It's never too late, but then again, you're not promised tomorrow.

Yes, you might make some errors, but you'll learn from them, and when you do you'll be able to start again more intelligently because of it.

The worst-case scenario is that you'll fall flat on your face, but you'll never have to live with the pain of knowing that you never got started in the first place.

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How To RISE ABOVE Life’s Challenges

Everyone goes through a difficult time. We experience problems related to our finances, relationship, career, health, losing a loved one, etc.

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About 'Rise Above' Audio Tracks

The Rise Above tracks are really powerful. They are infused with Subaudible Soundwave Technology, which allows the listener to shift to a lower brainwave state (and a higher state of vibration) more quickly, and easily than regular meditation audio tracks.

By just listening to it even once, it has proven to give more happiness, reduce stress, and makes one more resilient to handle whatever life may throw their way in the future.

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The Benefits Of Self Hypnosis And Guided Meditation

#1: Program New Pathways For Achieving Your Dream Life

In a lot of ways, your mindset works like an operating system inside a computer. Your mindset quietly runs a lot mental processes in the background even though you're not consciously aware of it, and this heavily influences the direction of your life.

With self-hypnosis, you can easily install new and healthier thought patterns in your internal operating system. This allows you to effortlessly take on the attitudes that bring you success, happiness and inner peace.

#2: Get an Instant Boost and Accelerate Your Success

It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you're inspired and motivated. But what if you could trigger these feelings on command?

Listening to self-hypnosis tracks can instantly fill you with motivation to skyrocket your productivity and get you on the fast track to success.

#3: Eliminate Mental Blocks

Most people don't realize that their subconscious is filled with limiting thoughts that hold them back from happiness and success. But the good news is that you don't have to do any heavy lifting to remove these blocks from your system.

You can use the power of self-hypnosis to quickly unblock your thinking so they don't hold you back from happiness and inner peace.

#4: Renew Your Sense of Hope

When it seems like all is lost, it's tough to feel excited about the future. Self-hypnosis is a fast and effective way to rewire your thoughts and get you out of a rock-bottom mindset.

But more importantly, it also gives you the leverage to rise above life's challenges!

#5: Hack Your Habits

The things you do repeatedly have a lasting effect on your life, so you want to make sure you've got the right habits in place.

Self-hypnosis audio is a powerful tool to disrupt negative habit loops and replace them with ones that create value in your life.

#6: Get Through Grief

Experiencing a loss of some kind can create an intense and paralyzing kind of sadness. Listening to self-hypnosis tracks can train your mind to deal with the flood of emotions that come with grief.

Not only that, it will also help you grow (and even thrive) during this difficult time.

My Personal Experience Using Guided Meditation

From time to time, I have used self-hypnosis and guided meditation and it has helped me develop a more resilient mindset.

This has made a huge difference in my life because it allowed me to have so much more leverage to deal with the challenges in life. This is a simple and easy way to rise above your circumstances.

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The Power of Affirmations: How to Talk to Yourself

Have you ever considered just how important your self-talk really is when it comes to your personal growth and self-confidence?

If not, just imagine what kind of influence your friends have on you when they talk to you ... or how much your parents had when you were growing up.

Now imagine this: You're around yourself more often than anyone else on this planet. That ought to give you an idea of just how important it is to use empowering words when you speak to yourself.

This takes practice, though, and if you aren't really choosing your self-talk, you've probably developed some bad habits.

The following "affirmation workout" will help you to undo these habits and form empowering and inspiring self-talk.

First, a Basic Rule

As you begin to study the psychology of affirmations, the idea of monitoring your thoughts and internal dialogue can seem overwhelming.

There's a lot to remember: keep things affirmative, avoid negative thoughts, focus on what you want instead of what you don't want ... how in the world can you remember all those things?

Well, the good news is that you don't have to. All you have to do is follow the "Reverse Golden Rule"--when it comes to the way you speak to yourself, "Do unto yourself as you would have others do to you."

In other words, as you're listening to your self-talk, ask yourself: "Would I want to be around someone 24-7 if they talked to me this way?" If not, "How would I prefer them to talk to me?"

These two questions will help you to immediately redirect your self-talk without having to remember a lot of details about what to say and what not to say.

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Five Principles of Positive Affirmation

Now that you have a basic idea of how to monitor your self-talk, let's look at five principles for building your daily affirmation exercises:

1. Action-based

The best affirmations are those that suggest specific actions instead of just wishes like "I want to be more confident."

Ask yourself what you would actually be doing if you were more confident, and use those verbs to build your affirmation. For example:

"I approach strangers with grace and enthusiasm."

2. Identity-based

Whenever possible, focus your affirmations more on changing your identity than on achieving goals.

Yes, you want to achieve your goals as well, but always ask yourself what kind of a person you need to become in order to achieve your goal and build your affirmations around that.

3. Affirmative

Instead of making your affirmations about what you want to stop doing, what you want to lose or what you don't want, make them about what you do want.

Whenever possible, use words like can, will, want, gain and am instead of words like can't, won't, don't, lose, stop and quit.

This will encourage you to focus on the result that you want instead of the results you want to avoid.

4. Specific

Your subconscious mind does not respond to vague requests and commands, so it's important for you to be specific in your affirmations.

This is another reason why action-based affirmations are more effective. They give you something specific to focus on, which stating wishes like "I am confident and assertive" or "I am wealthy and financially secure" does not.

TIP: Ask yourself exactly what you want to accomplish, determine what you have to do to accomplish it and build your affirmations around those specific answers.

5. Practice

The most common reason why people fail in using positive affirmations is that they don't practice them on a consistent, daily basis.

You'll never be in a position in your life when you can stop training your mind to think proactively and positively. There are simply too many opportunities for you to take on negative thinking habits.

Make a consistent daily practice of affirmations and always remember that personal growth and self-improvement is a lifetime commitment.

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Why Negativity Is Contagious

Have you ever wondered about how after spending time around an unmotivated, unhappy person, you can start to become unmotivated and unhappy yourself?

If so, this article should help you understand a little bit more about the nature of unhappy people and why it's so important to stay away from people who are always seeing the worst in everything.

The Power of Association

Have you ever heard of the term "guilty by association," if so, it might not have occurred to you that guilt isn't the only thing that we acquire by association?

Being around enthusiastic people causes you to become enthusiastic, being around ambitious people encourages you to become ambitious ... and being around miserable people causes you to become miserable yourself.

This is because human beings are social creatures and we rely on the support of one another to survive. Think about how painful rejection is, and that ought to give you an idea of how connecting with others is hardwired into us.

It's a part of our survival instincts, and so there's nothing you can do to change that ... and most of the time that's okay.

But this survival instinct also causes us to blend in with the people around us so that we will have a sense of belonging. This, again, is completely normal--but it can also be a double-edged sword.

Ask yourself this question: If you're around people who are unhappy all the time, how are you going to develop a sense of belonging when you're with them?

You'll do it by identifying with the way that they think and "tuning in" to the same physical vibrations which you can "feel" coming off of them.

This might sound a little bit new age, but the human body actually emits electrical signals and vibrations according to the condition of the nervous system ...

... which is an electrical system.

When I say that you "tune in" to the vibration of the people around you, I mean that your body can actually pick up on these vibrations and cause you to think thoughts that will make you match them.

This is also the same reason why unhappy people are attracted to one another, enthusiastic people are
attracted to one another, and so on and so on.

What about Influencing them Instead?

Now, it might be tempting to think that you can be a positive person around the unhappy and cause them to take on YOUR vibration. This is true sometimes--but it's also true that for most people, vice comes easier than virtue ...

Mahatma Gandhi said that, by the way.

He also said that it's not possible for a reformer to be in a close relationship with someone whom he's reforming.

If you know someone who always thinks in negatives, it's probably a good idea for you to create some distance and boundaries.

Even if you love this person, their negativity isn't as weak a state of mind as many of us think it is--for many, it's a position of power.

It's a position which allows people to gather sympathy from others and to suck away their emotional energy.

The best way to help someone who has fallen into chronic negativity is to provide a positive example for them to see. It's hard to do this when you're allowing them to suck all of your energy away.

At best, you can set an example for them to follow and give them advice as to how they can change--but if they don't, don't assume that they can't.

More likely, their unhappiness is a position of power that they've been using to get what they want for a very long time.

Knowing this, and the fact that unhappiness is contagious, it's best that you focus on keeping your
vibrations consistent with the type of people who will build you up and empower you to become a better person.