How to Overcome Procrastination and Self-Doubt

Procrastination and self-doubt are 2 of the most common reasons why most people lose productivity. Worse, these 2 traits can actually prevent people from becoming whoever they want to be.

While easier said than done, overcoming both of these problems can help unlock your full potential.

Interestingly, the causes behind procrastination and self-doubt are somewhat related.

Here is a list of things you can do to resolve both of these problems at the same time.

1. Don’t expect the worst all the time

Perhaps something bad has happened to you in the past. Failures have a way of instilling fear into people, and this can manifest as procrastination and self-doubt.

It is important that you break this habit of expecting the worst in just about everything.

Just because something went wrong before, doesn’t mean that it would happen again and always.

You should let go of that habit because it’s preventing you from doing what needs to be done.

2. Don’t mind what others think

One of the reasons why people end up second-guessing themselves is because they are minding too much what other people say.

It’s possible that other people are talking about what you are doing, and they are not exactly of the pleasant kind.

It’s also possible that nobody is talking about you and yet you are too conscious of what they think.

You should pay less attention to what people think about you or what others have to say. Instead, just focus on the things you do and how to get them right.

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3. Don’t overthink

Overthinking is a big problem for some people. When you overthink, tasks become much more overwhelming than they really are.

At the same time, it makes you more conscious, which makes it even more difficult to get things done the right way.

It is important that you quit this habit of overthinking as it tends to make things harder for you than it should be.

4. Keep things on a realistic level

A lot of plans are being sabotaged by unrealistic expectations. This mindset makes a task needlessly difficult and can even rob the satisfaction of completing a task that is otherwise well-done.

It is important that you keep your goals and expectations on a realistic level.

It reduces the expectations which can help in minimizing your self-doubt, and it makes a task less daunting, which helps in keeping procrastination at bay.

5. Just do it

Perhaps the best way to break away from both procrastination and self-doubt is to get started.

When you decide that you will do it, you break the wall of procrastination and actually get started with something. Also, your doubts start to fade once you are doing it.

Doing things that scare you can be compared to learning how to swim: it may scare you at first but you’ll get by once you figure it out.

When you feel procrastination and self-doubt creeping, do what you need to do.

Those are just some steps you can do to break away from self-doubt and procrastination.

Implement these steps in your daily life to overcome both of these barriers that prevent you from being at your best.

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