10 Relationship Headaches and How to Fix Them

Do you have what you believe would be a perfect relationship if it weren't for a few nagging little

If so, let's see if these 10 solutions to common relationship headaches are what you need to turn things around:

1. Low Trust

Low trust is the most frustrating thing to deal with in a relationship because it brings everything else into question.

Fortunately, low trust is also easy to fix if you take on a proactive mindset by clarifying expectations upfront and keeping open lines of honest communication.

2. Neediness

Few things are more frustrating than the feeling that your partner is suffocating you with neediness. If this is the case, step back and ask yourself where you need to draw physical and emotional boundaries.

You might even realize that not drawing boundaries is what is opening the door for your partner to suffocate you.

3. Boundary Issues

No matter how close your relationship is, it's important that you have a clear distinction of where your personal boundaries are.

If your partner isn't respecting your individual right to make choices, to have opinions and to have your own personal space, the best thing to do is make those things clear and stand your ground.

If you do this, your partner will learn to respect your boundaries.

4. Social Circle Clashes

Does your partner have their own social circle that you can't stand? If so, it's important that you don't try to surgically remove your partner's friends from his or her life.

Instead, clarify your feelings towards the friends whom you don't like and give your partner some space to spend time alone with those people.

Your partner can then decide which relationship is more important.

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5. Money Problems

Money problems are probably the biggest cause of relationship headaches, and certainly are the cause for most divorces in North America.

However, much of your money problems can be solved simply by keeping your finances separate and splitting things 50/50.

This will help each person to maintain a personal sense of responsibility and independence.

6. Lack of Understanding

Lack of understanding is at the root of most relationship problems and it can lead to lack of trust, boundary issues and all kinds of other problems.

The best way to cultivate understanding is to obey relationship expert Dr. Steven Covey's advice: "Seek first to understand and then to be understood."

If you do this, your partner will most likely reciprocate.

7. Boredom

This might sound funny, but boredom is often the cause of infidelity and apathy in a relationship.

Boredom can also be cured easily by making a commitment to doing things with your partner that are new for you both, and a little spontaneous.

A great way to overcome boredom is to commit to a weekly date night, and also a monthly activity where you try something that is completely new.

8. Apathy

Indifference is the kiss of death in any relationship, but it usually comes about as a result of emotional exhaustion and frustration in trying to "make things work."

The key to overcoming apathy is to be proactive in clarifying expectations, drawing boundaries and
cultivating understanding with your partner.

If apathy has already become a problem in your relationship, the best place to start is by shaking things up and adding some excitement.

Once this is done, you need to commit immediately to clarifying expectations, drawing boundaries and
cultivating understanding with your partner.

9. Sexual Dissatisfaction

This is a really big deal for men and usually a much bigger deal for women than they allow themselves to express openly.

It's important that you never take your sex life for granted and never assume that your partner is completely satisfied. Having a healthy sex life requires consistent communication and creativity.

10. Coldness

If your partner is being cold to you, it can be natural to become defensive and on guard when it comes to your feelings. However, coldness is normally caused by a feeling of being misunderstood.

This is a time to practice the art of seeking first to understand and then to be understood. The more understood your partner feels, the more he or she will open up and warm up to you again.

Now you have the tools to deal with 10 of the most potentially difficult problems in relationships.

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